AFL U-Series Module 2xMPO12(m)-24xLC/UPC SM G.657.A1,2x Base-12 Pol. A/C  Premium

AFL U-Series Module 2xMPO12(m)-24xLC/UPC

SM G.657.A1,2x Base-12 Pol. A/C Premium

Varenr: UHD-MPA-SM-M1M-24LCU
Alt. varenr: A7UD24BPVA-04DA
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Denne modulen har MPO-konnektor med styrepinner (male), den trenger derfor kabler uten styrepinner (female).

UHD module with its unique footprint provides scalability for high density fiber optics infrastructure with up to 288 fibers inside a 2U space. Patented  LC Quad shuttered adapter design allows for connector finger access without the need of using extra extraction tool. Dual lock position allow for fixing the module in the intermediate patch installation position as well as secure module inside the chassis. Single module can be accessed anytime using pull release element.

Ultra High Density Modules provides an interface between MPO Trunks and LC interface of active equipment. Pre-assembled MPO modules improve the speed of installation. Modules with external MPO ports can be easily connected to trunks or fanouts. Single MPO port connection provides instant mating for 12 fibers at one time.

Modules are compact improving space management in a high fiber density environment. Modular systems can be easily disconnected and reconfigured for fast add ons or system change reconfiguration.



  • UHD fiber module  for 12(LC, SC) or 24(LC) connections
  • Compatible with 2U chassis system  holding 12 UHD modules
  • Compatible with 1U chassis system  holding  5 UHD modules
  • Compatible with 0U chassis system holding 1 UHD modulePremium Low Loss LC Interface
  • Low Loss Premium 12 or 24-fiber MPO Termination



  • Data Centre Infrastructure
  • Storage Area Network
  • Fiber Channel


Teknisk info


Fibertype Singelmodus G.657.A1
Konnektortype Rett (UPC, PC)
Konnektortype MPO Base-12 (MPO12)