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AFL U-Series 0U Installasjonssett

for 1 UHD module

Varenr: UHD-0UKIT
Alt. varenr: FXUAXXCXXX-01ZZ
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The Ultra High Density 0U solution is designed to allow outside rack U space installation of UHD MPO/MTP, preterm or splice modules. The UHD 0U kit contains an assembled chassis accepting 1 x module, mounting plate and a set of installation screws.
The mounting plate can be installed in a variety of positions. 0U chassis are designed to be easily stacked together creating multiple modules outside rack chassis structures.

  • Kit for Outside Rack Space UHD Modules Installation
  • Single UHD 0U Kit accepts Single Module
  • Multiple Kits can be Stacked to Create Multiple Module Outside Rack Space Chassis System
  • Front and Rear Module Installation
  • 2 Point Module Locking Position
  • Compatible with UHD MPO/MTP, Preterm and Splice Modules
  • Data centres, premise installations, telecommunication networks
  • Data Communication
  • Central Office
  • FTTX
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