MRV FD Network Management Module

IP/SNMP/CLI/Web Management

Varenummer: MRV-EM316LNXNM-OT
Alt. varenr: EM316LNXNM-OT
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Fiber Driver™

Optical Multi-Service Platform
The Fiber Driver™ optical multi-service platform provides transport services with full support for industry protocols and data rates in a modular, managed, and economical package. The Fiber Driver™ meets the high quality standards and rapid delivery requirements of the most demanding customers.
The Fiber Driver™ offers enormous capital and operating expense benefits. It can simplify installation of new networks or breathe new life into legacy infrastructures. It provides managed optical transport solutions featuring fiber optimization (single and dual strand), time division multiplexing (TDM) and wave division multiplexing (WDM) for practically any digital communication environment.
Optical applications overlap within most networks and usually results in additional CAPEX investments. Most Fiber Driver™ module designs support multiple functions with universal pluggable (SFP/XFP) receptacles enabling a chameleon-like application transformation. The same versatile module can allow network implementers to standardize on a common solution to support existing legacy networks or new Greenfield initiatives.
Fiber Grooming
The many Fiber Driver™ optical media converters, signal repeaters and switches are the building blocks for customized network solutions for any optical application.
Converter-Based Service Demarcation
Service demarcation modules intelligently connect networks that often have different owners, operators and media.
Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM)
WDM modules separate and filter optical signals to share a fiber for multiple communication paths.
  • Converter-based managed service demarcation
  • Modular access design with pay-as-you-grow concept
  • Low power energy efficient WDM Access solution
  • Easy to set up and configure - very low OPEX
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