FL UHD Module, 2x MPO12(m)- 24xLC/PC OM3

Multimode 50/125, Polarity A/C

Varenummer: UHD-MEM24LCMM
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Denne modulen har MPO-konnektor med styrepinner (male), den trenger derfor kabler uten styrepinner (female).

FirstLight™ Ultra High Density MTP/MPO Module
FirstLight UHD module with its unique footprint allow to scale high density
fibre optics infrastructure with up to 288 fibres inside 2U space. New LC
Quad shuttered adaptor design allows for connector finger access without
the need of using extra extraction tool. Dual lock position allow for fixing
the module in the intermediate patch installation position as well as
secure module inside the chassis. A single module can be accessed anytime
using pull release element.

FirstLight™ Ultra High Density Modules provide an interface between
MTP/MPO Trunks and LC interface of active equipment. Pre-assembled
MTP/MPO modules improve the speedof installation. Modules with
external MTP/MPO ports can be easily connected to trunks. Single
MTP/MPO port connection provides mating typically for 12 or 24 fibres at
one time.

Modules are compact improving space management in a high fibre
density environment. Modular systems can be easily disconnected and
reconfigured for fast add ons or system change reconfigurations.
Teknisk info

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